Manage deskless teams anew
no paperwork, no problems

Effectively organize the work in one appStreamline HR processes through digitalizationFull transparency, no misconduct

Software dashboard displaying daily employee attendance with work hours and location.

End of paper timesheets

Dashboard with employee attendance, work hours, and GPS location for workforce management.

Replace in-vehicle GPS trackers with our app

Map tracking a sales representative's speed, distance, and work hours.

Efficient and easy task delegation

Alert notification for an employee located outside designated work area on GPS map.

Say goodbye to paper leave requests

Calendar view of employee leave and time off requests with options to accept or reject in Moniti HR app.

Easily plan and share work schedules

App interface showing employee work schedules with time off and late alerts.

Join hundreds of companies that trusted Moniti

Digital timesheet showing employee work hours and salary data.

Streamline HR processes through digitalization

There is no need to struggle with paper timesheets and manually rewriting them to a computer.

Efficiently organize team work

You no longer need to call the employee to find out if they have arrived and completed their assigned tasks.

GPS map with team member locations and they use task management app with task list for apartment construction project
GPS tracking showing inspector outside the designated work zone.

Full transparency, no misconduct

Eliminate buddy punching and inaccuracies during work and break times.

What our happy customers say

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Since the implementation of the moniti system for inspectors that monitors the location and working hours, there has been a multiple increase in the efficiency of their work.

Jerzy Kozłowski

Billing and collection spec.

Full support at every stage

Discussion about your company's needs

Presentation on how Moniti can assist you

Support during implementation

Assurance of post-implementation support

Jesteśmy gotowi wspierać Twój sukces - nasz Dział Sprzedaży oferuje indywidualne rozwiązania, a Obsługa Klienta zapewnia niezawodne wsparcie!solutions, and Customer Service provides reliable support!

Moniti has been designed for quick and easy implementation. In most cases, this process takes just a few minutes and requires only internet access.

Moniti is used by ‘non-technical’ people. Starting work is just one click away. Most features are designed to require no more than 3 clicks. We also offer support and training materials so that every employee can quickly master the application.

No, Moniti can be used on any smartphone. We offer flexibility by allowing the use of both company and personal phones, with full data security and respect for privacy. Additionally, employees can use the Kiosk option, i.e., a shared tablet at the workplace.

Yes, Moniti adheres to GDPR and other personal data protection regulations, ensuring the security and privacy of user data. More information on this can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Yes, thanks to features such as photo verifications and geolocation, Moniti effectively eliminates the possibility of unauthorized time recording by other employees.

Moniti offers the possibility of manually filling in work time, allowing for flexible management of records in exceptional situations. Additionally, we can, for example, grant a foreman the authority to clock in his employees from his own phone.”

Moniti is a tool for managing work time and tasks, not for tracking employees. We respect privacy and ensure that location features are used solely for professional purposes and are active only while performing duties during work hours.

Moniti increases productivity by enabling efficient task delegation, effective management of the team’s time and workplace, which translates into an increase in organizational productivity.