Field workforce GPS tracking app

Replace your car's GPS tracker with our app

Track your mobile employees' route history and real-time location from anywhere.

Map tracking a sales representative's speed, distance, and work hours.

Interactive map and route history

Location monitoring

Eliminate uncertainties about your employees’ whereabouts. Ensure your employees are exactly where they should be.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Your field employee

Manage field operations with knowledge of your employees’ current locations.

What our happy customers say

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Since the implementation of the system for monitoring the location and working hours of inspectors, there has been a multiple increase in the efficiency of their work.

Jerzy Kozłowski

Billing and collection spec.

GPS tracking with a comprehensive toolset

Data privacy

Data is collected and processed only during work hours, ensuring each user’s privacy is protected.

Battery savings

An advanced algorithm activates GPS only when the device is in motion. When an employee is stationary, the GPS automatically turns off to save battery life.

Convenient browsing

The ability to scroll along the route timeline allows for detailed review of the distance covered during selected hours.

Mode of transportation

The system can distinguish whether an employee is walking, in a vehicle, or staying in place.

Route history

Enables storage and review of employees’ route history for up to 365 days.

Automatic time tracking

Time tracking starts when an employee enters a job area and stops when they leave.

After the first month of using Moniti, we

saved €11,000

with a 40-person team!

Tomasz Łapucki



Base Fee



GPS live tracking

plus €2.5/mo per seat

Full support at every stage

Discussion about your company's needs

Presentation on how Moniti can assist you

Support during implementation

Assurance of post-implementation support

No, our app only accesses employee locations during work hours. Whenever GPS monitoring is active, the app notifies the user. After work hours, the app does not collect any data. The privacy of our users is our top priority.

Yes. As an administrator, you can choose when and for whom the GPS monitoring module is active.

The user’s position is updated when they move at least 200 meters. This ensures that using the Moniti app does not burden the system and the device’s battery.

The length of time the users’ route history is stored in the Moniti system can be adjusted according to individual preferences. Options include 15, 90, or 365 days, allowing for flexible data management based on the company’s needs and policies.

To activate the GPS module, the employee must install the Moniti Personal app on their phone and grant it access to their location. After these steps are completed, the GPS monitoring module will be active and ready to use.

Yes, the Moniti app is fully GDPR compliant. We place the utmost importance on protecting the privacy and security of our users’ data, so you can be 100% sure that everything aligns perfectly with requirements and regulations.

The Moniti app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The minimum system version required for Moniti Personal is Android 7.0 and iOS 13, along with an integrated GPS module. The management panel is accessible in any web browser.