Employee Time Clock App

Track Employee Work Time Digitally

Ditch the paper time sheets. Precisely track hours and breaks for your onsite and field teams.

Dashboard with employee attendance, work hours, and GPS location for workforce management.

Digital Attendance List for Every Employee

Customize time tracking to meet the needs of every position and workplace


For field employees such as service technicians, construction, or drivers

Shared Tablet

For onsite staff like restaurants, manufacturing, or retail stores


For office or remote staff with consistent computer access

Digital Attendance List

All Work Hours in One Place

Say farewell to paper attendance lists and the hassles they bring. Collect all work hour information with Moniti.
Time tracking app with employee status and work hours.
GPS map showing inspector located outside the work area since 9:03 AM with confirmation photo icon.

Photo-verification and Geolocation

Right Place, Right Time

Avoid errors and discrepancies. Monitor your team’s work precisely and seamlessly.

Automated Time Sheets

Eliminate Routine and Gain Time

Stop wasting time on manual time entry. Instead, focus on growing your business.
Digital time sheet displaying employees' total, work, break, and business exit hours for January 2024.

What our happy customers say

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Since the implementation of the system for monitoring the location and working hours of inspectors, there has been a multiple increase in the efficiency of their work.

Jerzy Kozłowski

Billing and collection spec.

Tailor Moniti to Your Business

Automatic Reminders

Employees receive notifications to start and end their shifts within the app.

Export to Files and HR software

Generating a complete time tracking report and saving it as a .pdf, .csv, or .xls file takes only a few seconds.

Rounding of Hours

Rounding work hours ensures fairness, flexibility, simplifies payroll, and minimizes errors.

API Integration

REST API allows for automatic data exchange between Moniti and your systems, such as HR and payroll software.

Manual Hour Editing

Manual editing of hours by supervisors enables error correction and adjustment to actual work hours.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition allows for contactless attendance verification, enhancing hygiene and convenience.


Geofencing ensures that employee activity is recorded only within a designated area.

Attendance Confirmation

Attendance confirmation by supervisors ensures accurate time tracking before report generation.

Remote Work

Always know who is working in the office and who is remote on any given day. Simplified tracking for occasional and hybrid remote work.

After the first month of using Moniti, we

saved €11,000

with a 40-person team!

Tomasz Łapucki



Base Fee



Time Tracking

plus €1.5/mo per seat

Full support at every stage

Discussion about your company's needs

Presentation on how Moniti can assist you

Support during implementation

Assurance of post-implementation support

Yes, the Moniti app is fully GDPR compliant. We place the utmost importance on the privacy and security of our users’ data. By using Moniti, you can be certain that everything aligns perfectly with the requirements and regulations.

No, your data and your company’s data are not shared with any institutions. User privacy is embedded in our DNA, and we do not disclose such information externally.

If an employee performs their duties away from a desk, in the field, they will use the Moniti app on their phone. An invitation to use the app can be received via SMS or through an email accessible on their smartphone.
Rest assured, we have done everything in our power to make our app simple and intuitive, even for those who do not use similar solutions on a daily basis. Our clients, who have come to us disappointed with other products, emphasize that using Moniti is like a walk in the park.

No, company phones are not required. Moniti supports the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) philosophy, which allows the use of personal devices and helps reduce electronic waste. We ensure that our users’ privacy is protected: work time is monitored only during business hours, and no data is collected after they end. We also offer the Moniti Kiosk option, which allows time tracking using a shared device, such as a tablet.

The Moniti app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. The minimum operating system version required for Moniti Personal and Moniti Kiosk is Android 7.0 and iOS 13. The management panel is accessible in any web browser.